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♪ what did we learn on the show, tonight craig? ♪ [meow] [laughter]
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craig: that was pretty adorable, the cat tap dancing. i learned that we went too long tonight and the show is running approximately three minutes over. i would like to apologize to the network. i'm really sorry. it is just one of those things. what do we say again, geoff? one of those crazy uh-oh -- [laughter] >> good night. craig: good night.
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. this is 9news now. brrr. it's chilly outside. but inside the team is hot. it is all get out. right now they're looking for a win against the cardinals and a chance to advance in the playoff. a live report coming up. but first we have to talk about the weather. the coldest night of the season. crank up the heat. bring in the plants. let's get to topper shutt. top. >> we're looking at temperatures
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tonight dipping below freezing in some spots. let me show you where the warnings are and the advisories. we do still have the freeze warning in effect for montgomery county north and west and also for loudoun county north and west and then freeze warning does include fauquier county and kris william county. now, the other color on the map is the frost advisory. it includes fairfax, the district, although downtown you're not going to have any problem with frost. it also includes anne arundel and baltimore for temperatures in the mid 30s which is guf to make frost -- good enough to make frost. it's 36 already in frederick. 43 in leesburg and 47 in manassas. we'll come back and talk about where the temperatures are going to bottom out and we'll look ahead to the forecast. the ravens in found and the skins in time. that coming up. so all night long we've been glued to the tv, to the radio. right now the nationals are taking on the cardinal. it is game five. >> it is the bottom of the 6th inning. the score is 6-3 nats.
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this is do or die. one team is going to advance, the other one is going home. and let's face it, this has been tuch fun for it to end right -- too much fun for it to end right now. let's go out to ken right now. are the fans feeling the flavor for victory? [ laughing ] . >> reporter: they have been feeling it all night. they continue to feel it. this game isn't even in the 7th inning stretch yet as you mentioned. bottom of the 6th. it's 6-3. i don't want to jinx it, but it's looking really good for the nationals. you know, we've seen three big bombs hit today. bryce harper, ryan zimmerman and mike morris hit incredible homeruns. this place erupted. it's a sold out crowd. everybody was waving their rally towels. everybody was going nuts. history is being made right now in dc. take a listen to what some people say. >> this is the best game to take out the cardinals after they won last year and all of the excitement with scoring 2 in the
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first inning. it was awesome. >> i came here. i lost 20 bucks just to be here. so it's great. it's huge. it's monumental. words cannot describe how big this is. >> loud. a lot of energy. >> the best thing i've seen in a long time. right before my time. however, i think this is great. >> reporter: yes, in fact, it is great. and everybody is feeling all of the emotion. right now the excitement. we're not even in the 7th inning stretch yet, so it's still too early to be popping the champagne bottles. we're going to keep glued to the game and see what happens. but i'll tell you sock, if we have a re -- something, if we have a repeat off the streets like we did about a week ago when they clinched, it's going to be insane. channel 9 has you covered. we're going to stand by with a close eye on the game. >> all right. i'm knocking on wood myself because we can't get too excited yet. but as soon as this game wraps up and we do have a winner, we will be the first to let you know who that is.
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and if it's the nats, z burger is giving away free food tomorrow. that's right. you can get a free burger or cheeseburger between noon and 6:00. you just need the secret word and it is nationals spells with a z. the deal is only good with the z burgers in downtown and columbia heights. anita. it's also homecoming nights for hundreds of teens at lake brad i dic high school. for one of those students it's the first time he'll stand up and see his friends since he got hurt. >> reporter: this is one of the stories that can show you how your life as you know it can change in an instant. i'm guessing at the end instead of feeling stand, you're probably feel inspired. >> ryan henderson. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: before we get to this, know nick ballinger had an arm like a rocket. threw 86 miles an hour. baseball was his life.
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his family took a vacation to hawaii. >> i thought the water was deeper than it was and i cracked my neck on the bottom. >> reporter: nick's mom says said that's when his words that will change their lives. >> i can't feel my legs. >> reporter: he suffered a injury that left him paralyzed. he was told he would not walk. he took not one, but 15 steps this week. >> i love proving doctors wrong. >> reporter: that's why he picked the hash tag unbreakable. some say it's an inspiration. >> the progress that i made from just lying in bed and not being able to move anything but my arms to now at a homecoming football game with thousands of people here, i would say it's a little inspiring. >> reporter: which takes us tonight with the baseball team gets a chance to win.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> congratulations. well done. well done. >> good job. >> all right. >> are you ready? . [ cheers and applause ] >> oh. not myself. but i'm good. >> reporter: in burke, virginia, 9news. >> well, as you can imagine, it's a long and it cost a lot for physical therapy. friends have set up a website where donations can be made. the information is on our website criminal charges have been filed against a maryland teenager. this video shows 15-year-old preston deener being chased after allegedly being assaulted. he was being interviewed by whag television at the time about bullying against him. now, one of the teens seen in the video has been charged as a juvenile by the frederick county sheriff's department with second degree assault. tonight deener was the guest of honor at an alternative homecoming dance organized by his family and supporters. well, the capitol hill woman
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came face-to-face with a man who brutally beat her husband today. a judge ordered the men held without bail. they're accused of beating him back in august. that young father was just on his way home from a capitol hill bar when he was attacked for a credit card and his iphone. well, he got traumatic brain injury from that and he's still trying to recover. well, a secret service officer from dc is in serious trouble tonight. erin angler was arrested down in miami. he was found this morning lying near an intersection. his eyes bloodshot, slurring words and he reeked of alcohol. the officer said he became aggressive and hit him in the chin. he was arrested and released to the secret service. a day after a spirited vice presidential debate, both candidates were back on the campaign trail today. paul ryan stopped for breakfast with his family before teaming up with mitt romney in ohio. romney used an earlier virginia
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rally to praise his running mate's performance. >> there was one person on stage last night who was thoughtful and respectful, steady and poised. >> in the meantime, the obama campaign says vice president biden walked away with the win. but today the white house has to defend his answer about the deadly attack in libya. biden said they were told more security was wanted at that consulate. but earlier this week, former security officials testified they had asked for more manpower. >> matters of security personnel are appropriately discussed and decided upon at the state department by those responsible for it. >> libya is among the issues that both presidential candidates are going to discuss on tuesday. president obama will spend the next few days in williamsburg, virginia preparing for next week's debate. romney planned a campaign stop in ohio on saturday.
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if you're going to plan on voting in maryland, dc or virginia in this upcoming election, you don't have a lot of time to register. only a few days. in virginia you have until monday. tuesday is the deadline in maryland and in dc your only opg at this point is to register in -- option at this point is to register at the headquarters and you can only do that until friday, october 19th. for more information about voter registration, go to and look under our campaign 2012 tab. several endeavors final mission is coming to an end. tomorrow evening it will arrive at that final resting place, the california science center. a 160 wheel carrier picked up endeavor at the la airport and it's on a stop and start tour at la before it's permanent landing at the california science 10 ter. to make way for the -- center. to make way for the spaceship, crews chopped down 500 trees and removed more than 70 power
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poles. and it's only moving about 2 miles an hour on the 12-mile journey. nasa returned endeavor last year. the heart-breaking news for a family of a missing colorado girl. wait until you hear what police say happened to the little girl. customers were allowed tonight with everything from mouse poop to sewage. before you dine out in the dc metro area i'm here to prove that mini babybel cheese
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packs a whole lotta something special inside this little wax package. why go ordinary? try the special zip peel freshness that only comes from mini babybel. nice! yes! hey, girls. want the perfect snack accessory?
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it's totally natural, 100% delicious cheese! tasty. see? good things really do come in small packages. like rubies! girls like rubies... mini babybel cheese from the laughing cow. have you laughed today? devastating news for the family of a missing 10-year-old girl. a body found in the denver park does belong to jessica ridgeway, the fifth grader who disappeared last week on her way to school. that body was found wednesday about seven miles from her home and authorities say it wasn't intact. they, however, did not release anymore details. they believe she may have been abducted by somebody in the
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community. some meningitis outbreaks continue. 15 new cases since yesterday have been identified. the cdc says 185 people in a dozen states, including maryland and virginia, have gotten sick so far. 14 people have died. the outbreak has been linked to steroid shots used for back pain. they were contaminated with a fungus and made by a specialty compounding pharmacy in massachusetts. safe way, quizno's, even kiosks in shopping centers are on the food alert list. >> here is russ. >> reporter: what we caught on camera even if you didn't eat the food, tonight's report might be enough to turn your stomach. at this palace in rockville, suspicious when she saw our food alert crew walk into the chinese spot. this woman left her tip on the
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counter but abandoned her lunch. >> yes, i left just now. >> reporter: we hadn't even told her about reports of roach or mice evidence all over the kitchen. at another strip mall, this type in silver springs, these car dealership workers didn't recognize us and they just kept eating not knowing inspectors had shot down the cafi citing a heavy mouse infestation and resulting contamination. we told them when they came out. so how was the food here? >> good up to one point. >> reporter: at bowie town center, works at habache japan says the worker did not want to discuss repeat violations and security told us we weren't welcome. >> unfortunately you have to leave. >> reporter: inspectors sited the kiosk for multiple infractions. that wasn't the only shopping center violation. inspectors shut down several kiosks, including here at ice-ice baby. inspectors cited workers not
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reaching hands and ice cream containers stored on top of garbage, a toothbrush in the food sink. and like when we were there, a violation of eyeglasses stored right next to the napkins people put on their mouths. over at annie ann's, inspectors say there was no hot water and the worker who was serving the famous pretzel wasn't washing her hands anyway. this report says in rockville inside that safeway when inspectors walked in in the deli they found sewage underneath the rotisseri oven. in a statement safeway said at no time was any food safety compromised and workers cordoned off the area so no food prep would take place in the affected area. at langley park on university boulevard the front counter was clean but they wouldn't allow us in the kitchen and didn't do an
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interview. inspectors reported live roaches and more cockroaches in rest rooms, the kitchen sink and even a roach in a soap dispenser. another customer walked out after seeing us this time at delight doughnut. you just bought some doughnuts. and then what did you do? >> i took them back up. >> reporter: they had overflowing sewage on the kitchen floor and operating without a food safety manager. this quizno's was closed and then passed reinspection and reopened. just wait until you see what we caught on video inside. this is what we found near the chip shelf at the front counter at the quizno's. it's right here. do you see that? quizno's manager said after inspectors shut him down, they brought in exterminators and took extra steps to keep it clean. >> they come and check.
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we walk off. >> reporter: look what i found in your store. what does that look like to you? >> what is this? >> reporter: it looks like mice feces to me. >> i have no idea about that. but we did on same day and we are doing all precautions. >> reporter: he pledged to work harder and a worker swept away the evidence. all the establishments passed when inspectors returned and are now back in business. for 9 wants to know, i'm investigative reporter russ ptacek 9news. >> all right. thank you, russ. we'll take a live look outside. first i want to wash my hands. i want to make sure that russ knows that i'm a clean weather guy. okay. [ laughing ] >> and, boom, okay, no roaches here, my friend. okay. let's take a live look outside. 52 right now. dew points 32. so, again, that's a good indication how cold it can can get tonight. winds northeast at 13. they haven't settled down completely but they will. look at the temperatures. 43 in gaithersburg right now. 40 in great falls.
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it's already 39 in reston. 46 in arlington and 46 up in dultsville. so the coldest night of the season. hopefully you brought the plants in. if you covered the plants tonight, it's just as important to uncover them tomorrow. a great weekend. okay. it will be cool on saturday. and then warm on sunday. but really perfect for gardening. it is time to plant the mumz. get some of the -- mums. get some of the halloween decorations up. warmer temperatures in the upper 60s to low 70s during that game. okay. overnight we'll say clear skies, colder. frost and freeze north or west. a one blanket night. lows 30-42. winds east, northwest at 5-10. 30s and 40s in the morning. winds easterly at 10. and then by afternoon, a very nice day. mostly sunny and cool but nice. no wind tomorrow. that will make it feel a little more comfortable. you'll need your shades. winds southeast at 10. next three days green, green and
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green. and why not? 62 and sunshine. on sunday partly cloudy. 75. clouds will come in late in the day but a very, very nice day. and then on monday showers possible. mid 70s. i don't think we'll get too many complaints. you might need your umbrella on monday. all right. next seven days, on tuesday some clouds maybe in the morning but then partly cloudy and a pretty nice day. mid 60s. we go back to 70 on wednesday. there's a spectacular day. thursday clouds come in late. some showers possible late thursday or thursday night and then on friday a much better chance for showers with temperatures in the mid 70s. we'll try to not have that happen for high school football. >> so our own dave owens. >> wait. light the night for walk of leukemia. >> it's 50 below 0. >> walk at 7:00, get there at 6:00. >> the link is on my facebook page.
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now dave owens is down at nats park. >> by the way, the nats are in the process or were in the process of clobbering the cardinals. now they're trying to hang on. we'll tell you what
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just in case you have been living in a cave, the nats are in a do or die baseball game against the cardinals. we can't show you highlights because the game is still ongoing. however, here is a look at the numbers. right now it is 6-4 nationals. bottom of the 7th. ryan zimmerman has hit his second homerun of the series. bryce harper has hit a homerun. right up i95 the black and orange did not have any such luck in their game 5 against the yankees. down one in the 6th with a power is shot right down the line.
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and it would be deep enough it was call just fouled. they reviewed this one. but only for about 90 seconds. they didn't change it. no homerun. in the 7th, yankees up 2. you can make that 3. no doubt about that shot. no review necessary. kurtis anderson had been struggling all series. but look at this blinker by jj hardy. a great play. orioles done in game 5. 3-1. >> it's been about as much fun as i've had in the big leagues watching how they played the game every day and the standard they held themself too and the way they raised the bar in baltimore with each other. it was about them. they cared about pleasing their teammates and playing to a certain standard. >> great year for the o's. nobody had them when the season started. all right. now, we've been wrapped up in playoff baseball, but it's easy to forget there are some other sports out there. college basketball season kicking off tonight at local
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campuses. this is the scene at the center. he's hoping to return to national providence. and as we've been rocking the red at nats park, no such rocking in china town. guess what, tonight would have been the cap's home opener but the players are locked out. no hockey right now. we have some good news at redskins park. robert griffin iii practiced today and he is expected to play although he's listed as questionable on the injury report for sunday's game against the vikings. coming up, week 7 of high school grid iron action, including our game of the week. we'll have all of the details and highlights up next. i'm here to prove that mini babybel cheese
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packs a whole lotta something special inside this little wax package. why go ordinary? try the special zip peel freshness that only comes from mini babybel. nice! yes! hey, girls. want the perfect snack accessory? it's totally natural, 100% delicious cheese!
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tasty. see? good things really do come in small packages. like rubies! girls like rubies... mini babybel cheese from the laughing cow. have you laughed today? it's time for usa today high school sports presented by
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toyota. >> newton high school comes in tonight's matchup needing a win to stay alive in the playoff race. it's homecoming for the patriots. 12,000 of you voted for this game. patriots, barons, that's the game of the week. in what was a very important game, the patriots came in early on. the catch. his name is woods. a big lead early. a lead they would never relinquish. bcc would try to keep this pace to handoff. runs right. getting into the end zone. it's a short touchdown run but wooten pulls away anyhow. the score. patriots win on homecoming 40-20. >> we've had the kids stay out and there vote for the game of the week so we could get this platform so we could put the kids in position to be -- to get a little bit more exposure. they showed up, they played their hearts out and that's all you can ask for as a head coach. >> get
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